Bootlegger 101: The Bootlegger Speakeasy and What It's All About

Bootlegger is all about women's fashion items such as jeans, shirts, and shoes at a bootleg price. Store managers of this ecommerce site offer blogs and series like Manger's Closet in order to discuss the latest trends and styles to hit the clothing market. It's a company that features special promotions or sections on its site like the "Manager's Closet", which allows customers to discuss the latest styles with the company's own managers. The main philosophy of Bootleggers is that it provides bootleg-priced items with a creative or fashionable twist, thus enabling customers to have a homemade custom look from boutique-bought clothes when all is said and one. What's more, they're dedicated to progressive values and styling for different body types. Fashion should be treated on a case-by-case basis, after all.

Fashion on a Case-by-Case Basis

* Have a peek into Felicity's closet and be amazed at the clothes she wants to share with you. As a manager at Quinte Mall in Belleville Ontario, she knows quite a lot when it comes to road-trip fashion or looking good at the outdoors. She shows an addiction to jeans that challenges a similar addiction to shoes that most women have. Her current favorites in jeans and denim will amaze you because of the creativity she puts into these designs.

* She has come up with denim articles of clothing for all times of the year. She believes in putting a bit of sass with your class, so her apparel tends to be mix of casual and formal. She has even collected jeans with a relaxed fit through the hips and thighs yet also show a slightly higher rise known as the Suki fit. They look great with the Roxy look that features a burgundy long-sleeved top. They're made of super soft fabric that can be worn with leggings.

* They're also capable of stretching to your body so that they can be worn by both girls with curvy or slim bodies. Bootlegger Speakeasy also offers the Canadian classic plaid shirt that can show off more of your jeans and give you that early Nineties grunge look that never really went out of style. The bottom line here is that Bootlegger has different apparel for everyone that you can mix and match at will.

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